ANX - Personal Diffuser For Anxiety
ANX - Personal Diffuser For Anxiety
ANX - Personal Diffuser For Anxiety
ANX - Personal Diffuser For Anxiety
ANX - Personal Diffuser For Anxiety

ANX - Personal Diffuser For Anxiety

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🌿 100% Plant-Based
🌿 250mg All-Natural Ingredients
🌿 Immediate Calming Effect (No "High")
🌿 Rechargeable Battery
🌿 Lab Tested
🚫 No Nicotine, No THC, No Chemicals

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Top-Selling Plant-Therapy Anxiety Pen

ANX Personal Diffuser For Anxiety

ANX is a non-nicotine, vape-like Personal Diffuser that supports specific Calming effects like relaxation.

Plant-Therapy Using 100% All-Natural Ingredients

By putting the power of plant-therapy into your hands, you can experience the calming power of ANX.

Plant-Therapy is the intentional use of plant essence & oils to change your state of mind. It is a way to stimulate your senses and enhance the way you feel. With Plant-Therapy you are using therapeutic oils like linalool from lavender, myrcene from mangos, limonene from limes, and many more, which trigger positive states within your mind & nervous system.

ANX is an on-demand way to use plant-therapy to feel calm, relaxed, focused, happy, and less anxious. It takes place with a vape-like device that you breathe IN through your mouth and exhale OUT through your nose. All without having to use nicotine or other unwanted chemicals found in standard vape devices.

All-Natural Ingredients:

Relax Blend From Plants ANX Anxiety
Relax Terpene Blend
From Plants
Watermelon Natural Flavor ANX Anxiety
Flavor From Fruit
Guava Natural Flavor ANX Anxiety
Flavor From Fruit
Pear Natural Flavor ANX Anxiety
Flavor From Fruit
Anxiety Hemp Blend ANX
Hemp Blend (0.0% THC)
From US Hemp

Clean and Controlled

We ensure a THC-free experience, with a carefully measured blend of isolated hemp ingredients: 175mg CBD, 50mg CBC, 12.5mg CBN, and 12.5mg CBG. You get all the benefits from the hemp plant without the high.

ANX combines plants with technology to deliver a concentrated, direct, and immediate effect. Instead of being in a trance or feeling out-of-focus, which many chemical-based products tend to do - ANX gives you a positive, balanced, & controlled feeling, right when you need it.

Quick and Discreet

This device is made for immediate relief and ease of use. Small and discreet, it's the perfect tool to help you manage anxiety while on the go.

    100% Clean

    ANX NEVER uses the following additives: Vegetable Glycerine (VG), Propylene Glycol (PG), Polyethylene Glycol (PEG), Vitamin E Acetate (VEA), Diacetyl, or Squalene.