Premium Hemp Flower!! NEW HARVEST high CBD from Regal Hemp Farms (Ohio)

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CBD Flower

Regal Hemp Co.


Regal Hemp Farms - Is a small family-owned farm in the countryside of NE Ohio. Farmer Tom Brown has been growing other crops for 14 years, and now that prohibition is ending he is taking his decades of skills and for the first time, you get an opportunity to enjoy what real soil, sunshine, and meticulous care can really do! 

Old School farming is the way to go! Don't buy your flower from large factory farms that pay no attention to the quality. Buy from local farmers like Tom at Regal Hemp Farms, because growing is about so much more than how many seeds you can put in the ground!


Mountain Mango - 11.91% CBD

OG Kush - 14.17% CBD


Try Regal Hemp farms today!! 


COAs available upon request. 

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