RVE Mushroom Coffee Drink
RVE Mushroom Coffee Drink
RVE Mushroom Coffee Drink
RVE Mushroom Coffee Drink


RVE Mushroom Coffee Drink

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100% Vegan Product Gluten Free Product Non GMO product Dairy Free Product

Mushroom Coffee

RVE Adaptogen Mushroom Drink Blend

To renew and restore your body bringing it back into balance, RVE uses a specific blend of adaptogenic mushrooms along with other ingredients believed to assist with cellular regeneration, anti-aging, and detoxification throughout the body.

RVE was created as a supplement to caffeinated beverages while still satisfying your daily routine.

Fruiting Bodies Revive Mushroom Drink


What Makes RVE So Special?

Two words: Flavor & Function

The ingredients used in RVE have been specifically chosen for their rich, bold coffee-like flavor as well as their immense health benefits. With only 8 ingredients and no-fillers, RVE is a great stand-alone option or can be added directly to your coffee as a little boost.

Only 8 Ingredients
Revive Mushroom Drink Ingredients


Revive steps to making mushroom drink

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What are Fruiting Bodies? Oh, do tell...

Fruiting bodies are where the highest concentration of Beta-Glucans is found and has been linked to studies for their immune support, heart health, cholesterol & blood sugar regulation as well as healthy aging among other potential benefits.

Mycelium vs Fruiting Bodies... what's the difference?

Mycelia are the roots of the mushroom which tends to be a cheaper option for making mushroom-based products. While there are health benefits to mycelia, harvesting practices can leave your product with unwanted filler. Fruiting bodies are the caps & stems where a large majority of the good stuff is found... for example Beta-Glucans. In fact (if you read above) the fruiting bodies contain the largest amount of Beta-Glucans.

Mycelium vs Fruiting Bodies Revive Mushroom Drink