The Drift Bubbler - Walnut with 2G premium flower free!

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Uniquely crafted with Elevate's signature touch. 

Thoughtfully designed, crafted for quality, The Elevate Drift Bubbler features modern lines and an elegant aesthetic. Mix and match all-natural maple or walnut wood with black or white glass. Offering unmatched style and powerful filtration, this sleek, hand-sized bubbler produces a flavorful experience and consistent, buttery smooth hits with no drag whatsoever.

Built to last with the earth in mind.
As with all of Elevates' products, this bubbler's pieces and parts are recyclable or biodegradable, including the packaging.*
*Silicone ring is not recyclable.

Designed and assembled in Denver, Colorado. 
Features an elegant, unique style with a half gram bowl.
Flattened showerhead percolator allowing for seamless filtration.

What's in the Box:
1x Elevate Mini Bubbler
1x Elevate Stylish Carrying Case (FREE with purchase)

Features & Specs: 
7-inches tall
Bowl: 14mm bowl
Maple or walnut wood
Black or white glass 

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