Distillate Oil - 500mg Broad Spectrum CBD

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Eat it, Dab it! Perfect for anyone looking to get their daily dose of CBD with real Cannabis and Botanical terpene blends and contains zero THC!

Pineapple Express - Natural Pineapple Flavoring with Russian Diesel Cannabis Terpenes

Lemon Haze cake - Natural Lemon, and Cake flavoring with Lemon Haze Cannabis Terpenes

 OG Berry Kush - Natural Grape Flavoring with OG Berry Kush Cannabis Terpenes

 Tangerine Dream - Natural Tangerine flavoring with Tangie Haze Cannabis Terpenes

Mint Cookies - Natural Mint and Chocolate Flavorings with GS Cookies Cannabis Terpenes

Mowie-Wowie Punch - Natural Fruit Punch Flavoring with Mowie Wowie Cannabis Terpenes

Orange Mimosa - Natural Orange and Champagne flavoring with a Mimosa Cannabis Terpene. 


Ingredients: 100% Hemp-Derived Cannabidiol (CBD), Proprietary Blend of Natural Terpenes, Natural Flavors.

CBD Amount: 500mg CBD per applicator

Use: Varies based on preference. Check with any hardware manufacturer for instructions on using oils properly with their product.

*Great for cold infusion with culinary products as well.

May Support: Pain releaf, anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, mental sharpness, energy.

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CBD Global, LLC (CBDG) is a proven pioneer in organic hemp cultivation, cannabinoid extraction, and global distribution. Established as the premier supplier of wholesale phytocannabinoids, terpenes, and medical-grade products, CBDG is known in the industry for setting the bar on quality, legality, and transparency.

In the non-psychotropic and non-regulated hemp cannabis space, CBDG took standardization to a new level by creating the first-ever Cannabis Transparency Standards™ (CTS) and associated Consumer Safety Seal. This seal is found on product labels to assure distributors of legality and consumers of premium formulation quality. The CTS shows a deeper level of compliance and transparency than given by any pharmaceutical company for FDA-approved drugs. All CTS medicine is manufactured through a fully documented and verifiable Seed-to-Sale chain of custody that is Tracked, Tested, and Trusted™.

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