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Vaporizer Combo Pack

Vapor Slide Technologies

$2,100.00 $1,000.00

Start distributing Vapor Slide branded products today. 


  • 12 Vapor Slides, Midnight Black
  • 8 Vapor Slides, Rose Gold
  • 20 CBD applicators with 500mg THC free Broad Spectrum CBD
  • 12 extra bottom coil Ccell style cartridges
  • 8 extra top coil cartridges
  • 1 Vapor Slide display pad. 
  • All for only $800.00 a $2100.00 retail value. 

500mg CBD distillate terpene profiles

- Pineapple Express

Natural Pineapple Flavoring and Russian Diesel Cannabis Terpene Profile

- OG Berry Kush

Natural Grape Flavoring and OG Berry Kush Cannabis Terpene Profile

- Mowie Wowie Punch

Natural Fruit Punch Flavoring and Mowie Wowie Cannabis Terpene Profile

- Mint Cookie

Natural Mint and Chocolate Flavorings and GS Cookies Cannabis Terpene Profile

- Blueberry Dream

Natural Blueberry Flavoring and Blue Dream Cannabis Terpene Profile

-Tangerine Dream

Natural Tangerine flavoring and Tangie Haze Cannabis Terpene Profile

- Super Lemon Haze

Natural Orange and Champagne flavoring and Mimosa Cannabis Terpene Profile

 Waterpipes sold separately  


Vapor Slide, Inc is a vaporizer engineering and design company dedicated to producing cleaner, more effective, more powerful vaporizers. Their mission is to combine the best cartridge and coil technology with the best battery technology to give consumers the most versatile, durable and reliable vaporizers on the market today.

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