ReleafCBD is not responsible for any orders once they have shipped and left our warehouse facility. We do not control or have any authority over the shipping carrier or their employees. We do our best to provide you with the necessary information needed to track and monitor your packages, however, if the carrier forgets to scan your package or loses your package, we do not have any way to track the packages. We have had numerous occasions where packages go missing, never get scanned, or get returned to our office without notice and the carrier companies have not been very helpful in these situations. This has been especially problematic with international orders as recent shipments to Germany, Barcelona, and Dubai have not made it to their customers and after 3 weeks were thankfully were returned to which ReleafCBD issued refunds to the customers.

ReleafCBD also does not guarantee same-day shipping of placed orders or the arrival times presented by shipping carriers as releafCBD does not control these either. Carriers generally have scheduled pickup times but we have experienced times where pickups are delayed one or more days which then pushes out the arrival time to your doorstep. Since COVID-19 this issue has become even more common.

It is for these uncontrollable reasons ReleafCBD must enact these new shipping policies. ReleafCBD cannot ensure the shipment of any products and will not issue refunds for the shipping cost for any late arrivals or returned products. Only the cost of the product itself will be refunded if that product is returned unopened and undamaged. If any products are not returned due to loss during shipping or any other reasons, no refunds for those products will be issued and no replacement products will be sent out. You will need to contact the carrier directly and open a dispute with them to refund your money for losing your product. ReleafCBD will not be held responsible for any third party's handling of products once they leave the warehouse nor is ReleafCBD responsible for delayed pickups from the warehouse or late arrivals of products to your doorstep. Please accept our apologies, we are doing the best we can possibly do and we wish we had more control over the shipping, but unfortunately, no one does.

Begins 05/22/2019