Calming Formula Vape Pens

CBD+CBC & other Cannabinoids Specifically Formulated to help with those anxious days.

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First time being sold in the USA

Dawa Artisian CBD Hash & Kief - THC Free

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Day & Night CBD Pens

Pre-filled Day Time CBD and Night Time CBD + CBN Pen Vaporizers

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The Best of both worlds

Vapor Slide Plus Series vaporizer for on-the-go vaping as well as for glass

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CBD MedRight Products
Sleep 840mg CBD+CBG+Terpene Gel Capsules - 60 Count

$69.99 $64.95

Pain FREEze™ Joint & Muscle Spray - 200mg CBD


Epileptic & Migraine Nasal Spray - 200mg CBD


AntiAnxiety - 1000mg & 2000mg CBD + CBG High Potency Sublingual Drops

from $109.95

CBD General Products
Night Cream by Livali - 175mg CBD


Pure Drops - Liquid Drink Mix

$44.99 $34.99

Vital Fizz - Drink Powder


Balanced Biology
Cannabinoid Oil Tinctures - 250mg CBD + 50mg CBG

$49.99 $34.95

Vaporizers & Vapable CBD
Vapor Slide Technologies
Vapor Slide PLUS Series Vaporizer


Vapor Slide Technologies
Night & Day CBD Pack by Vapor Slide (New Anxiety Pen Available!)


Vapor Slide Technologies
Anxiety Pen - CBD+CBC from Vapor Slide


Vapor Slide Technologies
900mg CBD Rocks (Dabs) - Assorted Flavors

from $39.99

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