Painkiller High Potency CBD + CBG Sublingual Drops
Painkiller High Potency CBD + CBG Sublingual Drops


Painkiller High Potency CBD + CBG Sublingual Drops

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Strengths:1000mg CBD + CBG
100% Vegan Product Gluten Free Product Non GMO product THC Free product

Why Choose Our Sublingual Drops?

Specifically engineered for those seeking a natural but potent alternative to manage pain and inflammation. Crafted with a meticulous blend of cannabinoids and plant extracts, these drops deliver targeted relief through a sophisticated sublingual delivery system.

What’s Inside the Bottle?

High-Potency CBD & CBG: Harness the power of 1000mg or 2000mg options of premium CBD, coupled with a potent CBG infusion, to optimize the anti-inflammatory and pain-relief responses in your body.

Ginger Extract: Not just for your kitchen, ginger is a natural combatant against inflammation, aiding in pain relief and digestion.

Peppermint Oil: Soothing peppermint not only provides a refreshing flavor but also contributes to easing digestive discomforts and headaches.

Frankincense: Esteemed for its inflammation-fighting properties, frankincense adds another layer of pain management.

Black Cumin Seed Oil: This ancient oil is a powerhouse in boosting your body’s defense system and reducing inflammatory responses.

Myrcene: A terpene that enhances the absorption and effectiveness of cannabinoids, ensuring you get the most out of every drop.

How It Works: Sublingual Efficiency

Our drops offer a sublingual application that allows for the active ingredients to enter the bloodstream directly, providing quicker and more efficient results than traditional oral methods. By bypassing the digestive system, the cannabinoids maintain their potency and provide you with faster relief.

The Science of Relief: CBD, CBG, and the ECS

CBD and CBG interact with your body's endocannabinoid system (ECS), which regulates pain and inflammation. By stimulating ECS receptors, these cannabinoids can help reduce the body's inflammatory response and manage pain levels.

Usage Directions:

Place the desired amount of drops under the tongue, hold for 30-60 seconds, then swallow. This method ensures the fastest absorption and prompt onset of effects. Consistent daily use can contribute to a balanced ECS, which is crucial for long-term well-being.

Commitment to Quality:

Our GINGER PEPPERMINT PAINKILLER Drops are crafted with your health in mind, using non-GMO, plant-based ingredients free from artificial additives. Third-party lab tested for purity and potency, you can trust in the quality and consistency of our product.