TrueNano™ CBD Water

TrueNano™ CBD Water

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100% Vegan Product Gluten Free Product Non GMO product THC Free product

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TrueNano CBD Water

100% Absorption to 98% of the Body in 30min

TrueNano™ uses a patented nano delivery system to create the purest, most bio-available and fastest-acting cannabinoid products on the market. This proprietary technology was perfected through years of development by a team of four scientists with nine PhDs.

Nano is not a commonly understood unit of measure. To help explain its scale, a nanometer is one-billionth of a meter. Therefore, a nanometer is to a meter, as a marble is to the Earth.

Problem With Other "Nano" CBD Waters

TrueNano™ is not the same as other CBD waters being marketed. Companies in the CBD space use the term “Nano” as a buzzword to describe simple micro-emulsions that use micelles or liposomes, which are significantly larger in particle size, less absorbable and slower to deliver than TrueNano™. These methods of wrapping ingredients in spheres of fat are useful to get oil to temporarily suspend in water for certain food applications like protein powders and flavored drinks, but insufficient for creating a stable, crystal clear and efficacious water-nutrient delivery system based on oil-based molecules.

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